Cybersecurity and Data Privacy review and update: Looking back on 2018 and planning ahead for 2019

From the implementation of the GDPR to the passage of the CCPA, the year 2018 proved to be a monumental one for cybersecurity and data privacy. Regulators from around the world responded to devastating, large-scale cyber-attacks, and a desire for their citizens to have more control over their data, by passing a wide range of regulations aimed at protecting consumer information. These regulations varied in terms of their size and scope but the message sent in 2018 was clear: data privacy and cybersecurity protections are here to stay. The year 2019 is already proving this to be true. In the month of January, we saw courts, legislators and regulators create, amend and enforce various data privacy and cybersecurity protections—both new and old. As companies look ahead to the upcoming year, the trend lines are clear: no sector is immune and no business can adequately prepare for its future outlook without taking into account the ever-changing data privacy and cybersecurity regulatory landscape.

  • The implementation of the GDPR sparked data privacy legislation around the world, most notably in California with its passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • In addition to California, US government agencies like the SEC and FERC addressed cybersecurity through their enforcement authority, and US regulators also addressed related issues such as cryptocurrency, cross-border data transfers, and biometric information.
  • Along with the US, a number of other jurisdictions around the world also passed cybersecurity and data privacy legislation, including Poland, Vietnam and Singapore.

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