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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy review and update: Looking back on 2018 and planning ahead for 2019

From the implementation of the GDPR to the passage of the CCPA, the year 2018 proved to be a monumental one for cybersecurity and data privacy. Regulators from around the world responded to devastating, large-scale cyber-attacks, and a desire for their citizens to have more control over their data, by passing a wide range of regulations aimed at protecting consumer information. These...

A Method to the Madness: Choosing the Best Route to an Autonomous Future

There is near universal acceptance in the auto industry that the future of the industry is linked to development of autonomous (i.e., self-driving) vehicles. However, what separates truly automated vehicles from other kinds of high-tech car automation is not a straightforward issue. Learn more.

Artificial Intelligence: Forcing a New Approach on an Age-Old Institution

To reap the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we must understand the risks and learn to protect consumers with legal standards that refrain from severely hampering the innovation this technology will bring to the marketplace. Learn more.

Transportation Disrupted: AI in the Driver’s Seat

On May 3, 2017, Eversheds Sutherland hosted Transportation Disrupted, a symposium featuring panels with a cross-section of experts in fields that are driving the development and adoption of autonomous cars, including AI and robotics, insurance, cybersecurity, and data privacy.   Learn more.

Can A.I. Defend Our Financial Institutions Against Hackers?

Eversheds Sutherland (US) Partner Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik is quoted in this Forbes article discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) can defend financial institutions against hackers while also making security more challenging. Learn more.

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