Your quarterly privacy & cybersecurity update

Welcome to the tenth edition of Updata!

Updata is our US and international update on the most important privacy and cybersecurity regulatory and legislative developments from the past quarter, October to December 2020.

Full of newsworthy items from our global team members, this edition includes updates on:

  • COVID testing and remote working guidance across multiple jurisdictions;
  • Increase in privacy enforcement action and litigation across many jurisdictions;
  • California voters passed sweeping amendments to the California Consumer Privacy Act;
  • The rampant SolarWinds hack, including the New York Department of Financial Services requirement to report on its effects;
  • the CJEU issued the judgment in the much anticipated Privacy International case concerning the mass use of surveillance technologies;
  • the Schrems II decision (which invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and requires additional due diligence before using the Standard Contractual Clauses) continues to feature prominently and the EDPB published recommendations for consultation in response;
  • the European Commission published updated drafts of both the SCCs and controller-processor terms;
  • The Hong Kong Monetary Authority announced the launch of the enhanced Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative 2.0;
  • China unveiled the full text of the draft Personal Data Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China;

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