The ePrivacy Regulation

Europe’s movement to replace the 2002 ePrivacy Directive with a new ePrivacy Regulation picks up steam, signaling the potential need for US companies to add further privacy protections over electronic communications that may reach users in the EU. 

  • What’s the significance? If agreed to, the ePrivacy Regulation will repeal the 2002 ePrivacy Directive and update existing rules on the protection of privacy and confidentiality in the use of electronic communication services.
  • Does this apply to me? The ePrivacy Regulation will apply when end-users are in the EU regardless of where the processing of the electronic communications data takes place, opening the door to enforcement against US companies for actions originating outside of the EU.
  • What’s next? The ePrivacy Regulation now moves on to the Council of the EU and European Parliament. While negotiations will still take some time, once approved, it is predicted to go into effect within 20 days.

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