Your quarterly privacy & cybersecurity update

Welcome to the ninth edition of Updata! 

Updata is our US and international update on the most important privacy and cybersecurity regulatory and legislative developments from the past quarter, July to September 2020.  

Full of newsworthy items from our global team members, this edition includes updates on: 

  • the Schrems II court decision, which invalidated the EU-US Privacy Shield and now requires additional due diligence before using the Standard Contractual Clauses;
  • changes to data breach notification laws in several US states, including Indiana, Louisiana and Virginia; while the California legislature has allowed businesses at least another year to expand their privacy programs to cover B2B and employee information;
  • recent statements in the UK casting doubts on whether any post-Brexit adequacy decision will be reached between the EU and the UK;
  • new privacy laws in Switzerland and in China (draft);
  • significant enforcement action against telecommunications operators in Italy, and France’s CNIL publication of a whitepaper on voice assistants; and
  • the data privacy ramifications of COVID-19, with a new Teleworking Law in Spain, and Germany’s Data Protection Conference discussion of the use of imaging cameras or electronic temperature recording in the context of COVID-19;

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