Quarterly Aerospace, Defense and Security Sector Briefing—Q2 2020

1. When it comes to managing future risk, there’s no time like the present

Aerospace and defense companies are continuing to experience a number of supply chain challenges as they look to manage risk long-term. With the world changing and budgets set to be considerably impacted over the coming years. More than ever management teams must rethink and redesign existing approaches to go beyond short-term recovery and set a long-term strategic supply chain vision, in order to protect a company’s interests.

2. Reshaping the global trade landscape

Global lockdowns and border closures have significantly impacted demand for travel globally, which are likely to bring longer term changes to the sector in terms of passenger behavior and government restrictions particularly around protectionism which has been driven through stronger screening of foreign investment across the globe.

3. The seismic shift after Schrems ll: The future of cross border data flows

In the future, change management will be taken more seriously. This will further accelerate companies’ focus on new systems such as smart factories, robotics and other digitization efforts. The future of international data flow and use of data transfer mechanisms, in particular between the European Union and the United States, has recently been called into question and will need to be monitored more closely by companies going forward.

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