Cybersecurity and coronavirus—Guarding against hackers in this heightened risk environment

Hackers thrive amidst confusion and distraction, so it is important that with all the focus on coronavirus, companies—including their lawyers—remain on guard against cyber attacks. This Alert provides a series of quick, simple and crucial steps companies can take to improve cyber preparedness and response, including:

  • Ensure employees are reminded of the critical need for cyber hygiene, especially when teleworking.
  • Confirm that Cyber Incident Response Teams have hard copy access to response plans at home, not just in the office.
  • Ensure that key members have a good sense of the regulatory and contractual notification obligations in the event of a breach (or know whom to call who does). There is no guarantee that regulators or counterparties will grant leniency for failing to know or meet notification deadlines because of coronavirus-related distraction.

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