Your quarterly privacy & cybersecurity update

Welcome to the third edition of Updata – the international quarterly update from Eversheds Sutherland’s dedicated Privacy and Cybersecurity team.

Updata provides you with a compilation of privacy and cybersecurity regulatory and legal updates from our contributors around the globe over the past quarter.

This quarter’s report features commentary on a number of interesting developments, including:

  • Updated guidance from the EU’s ENISA on What is “state of the art” in IT security? and a new cybersecurity standard on internet-connected consumer devices.
  • New laws in China, including a draft specification which updates the legal framework regarding personal data collection and new rules on the administration of mobile internet application security verification.
  • The government of Mauritius emphasizing the need to improve law enforcement and the judiciary in the investigation and prosecution of cybercrime as well as the enhancement of safety and security in cyberspace.
  • The government of Russia’s approval of new laws which will enable the Federal Service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media to conduct new types of inspections of personal data operators, which give more predictability to individuals and businesses.
  • Poland’s first fine issued under the GDPR for breaches of Article 14’s transparency obligations.

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