Will you meet the new cybersecurity vendor management requirements? ATTORNEY ADVERTISING

March 1 is upon us, now what?

The deadline for the NY Department of Financial Services’ “first of its kind” cyber regulation has arrived for financial services institutions to implement programs that properly evaluate and manage the data security risks posed by their vendors.
To manage these risks, institutions must go beyond the traditional vendor management function and far deeper into the contracting process. 

Vendor management takes the forefront

As part of our approach to advising clients in this new world of cyber regulation, our proprietary methodology includes the use of artificial intelligence software, effectively managed resources and proven vendor management templates.

We can help you:

  • Continue to meet your regulatory requirements
    • Expedite and improve your contracting and management process
    • Remediate legacy agreements
    • Understand and efficiently manage third party cybersecurity risks

… All while incorporating and working within your own established processes and procedures.

Read additional information on how we can help manage the risks and potential liability of the NYDFS cyber regulation.

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