Cybersecurity is a Texas-Size Problem

Being home to one of the nation’s busiest ports, a world-renowned medical center and an epicenter of North American energy production is undoubtedly good for Texas businesses. However, Texas industries are increasingly becoming targets of global hackers. When it comes to cybersecurity, Texas has a bullseye painted on its back, and the cavalry won’t be riding to the rescue any time soon.

While the federal government and state regulatory agencies have made progress against the growing cyber threat, it remains up to businesses to protect against breaches and to have the necessary plans in place to bounce back quickly from any that do occur.

In their article for the Texas Lawyer, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Michael Bahar, Mark Thibodeaux and Maryann Zaki discuss that because companies in Texas are on the hook for having “reasonable” cybersecurity policies and practices, the question is: What is reasonable?

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